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Want to better market your experience through stronger resume presentation or learn how to steer your career towards the next goal? Due to the volume of requests, we now offer resume review and career counseling services.

Resume review and career counseling is offered for a fee computed on an hourly basis.

We offer the following career counseling services:

Resume review, comments and editing in order to best market your skills and background to targeted employers. Presentation matters as much as substance. We help package your skills and experience in the most effective manner through a resume that appeals to employers. We also advise on how to strike that delicate balance between too much and too little detail.

Career counseling and coaching to guide you in the direction that you want to take your career. We help map the next steps necessary in the short and long term to achieve your career goals. Through years of working with in-house hiring managers, we understand their perspective of the necessary requirements for attorney hires in all levels of the organization. We can share that insight with you.

Salary guidance to assist you in understanding whether your salary, bonus and other elements of compensation are market competitive. We can provide a sense of what you should be earning based upon your skills, educational credentials and level.